Common Symptoms Of Nagelpilz

Human body comprises of a variety of microorganisms including fungi and bacteria. Most of these bacteria and fungi are useful to body, while some simply multiply and form infections in body. Infection of nail fungus or Nagelpilz usually occurs when these fungi infect the fingernails or toenails. This nail infection usually starts with yellowish or white sport under the tip of your toenails or fingernails. Nail fungus mainly affects the toenails than your fingernails. This infection eats the skin and nail and continue to grow and spread to other nails. The nail fungus mainly develops on nails that are exposed consistently to moist and warm environment like shower floors and sweaty shoes. In some cases, treating nagelpilz may be difficult and it may reoccur often.

The Symptoms of Nagelpilz

Anyone can be victimized by Nagelpilz. This type of nail fungus is common amongst the people with diabetes or patients with circulation issues. Mainly, you will experience foul smell and yellowish nails once you develop nail fungus. Some of the symptoms of Nagelpilz include:

  • Yellowish and brownish nails with little white patches
  • Nails will get brittle, flaky and chipped
  • Debris may collect under nails
  • Nails will smell bad
  • Nails will become too thick and causes pain while wearing shoes
  • Discomfort and pain due to infection

These were some of the common symptoms of Nagelpilz and these symptoms may not get better if the condition is left untreated. There are home remedies and over-the-counter medicines that can treat the nail infection.